Civil enginnering Materials


"The embankment reinforcement method using geotextile is making a huge change to embankment construction work. Amid this situation, Needle Punched MARIX, our state-of-the-art geotextile, is attracting attention from the civil engineering industry as an ideal reinforcement material. In the case of an embankment of viscous soil, where water is not drained easily, the strength of the embankment is greatly reduced by rain water or water seeping from the ground. An embankment of sandy soil, on the other hand, has a serious problem when it has a steep slope. Needle Punched MARIX, which offers a synergy between drainage capability and tension-reinforcing capability, is effective for embankment construction work using viscous or sandy soil, earning a remarkable reputation as the geotextile of the 21st century. Benefits ・Reinforcement effect Since Needle Punched MARIX is flexible and has a large coefficient of soil friction, it allows integrated soil structures to be built. ・Drainage effect Made of Spunbond nonwoven fabric, Needle Punched MARIX can drain only water in both vertical and Horizontal directions. Features ・Filter performance Randomly arranged numerous filaments provide a filter function. The fabric does not become clogged easily and serves as an excellent filter that drains only water. ・Fatigue resistance Needle Punched MARIX is made of polyester, which is insusceptible to property changes such as creeps that occur when material is left under a certain load for a long period of time. ・Weather resistance Polyester is more resistant to changes in weather, temperature, etc. than other materials. Its property does not almost change even in water or under the ground. "