THAI UNITIKA SPUNBOND CO.,LTD. the subsidiary company of UNITIKA LTD., manufacturer and sells polyester spunbond, the most advanced nonwoven fabrics, which is produced from continuous polyester filament. Our product's quality is accepted worldwide and is utilized not only in imoportant project in Thailand but also in other significant projects all around the world. We offer various specifications of polyester spunbond for different applications.


Thai Unitika Spunbond offers a broad range of spunbond nonwoven fabrics from polyester and environment-conscious materials.

  • Marix

    High Strength and superior weather resistance make this products suitable for a wide range of applications including industrial and construction mateials

  • Marix AX

    Excellent for stiffness and heat-molding

  • Needle punched Marix

    The needle-punched fabric with oustanding strength and durability is used in civil engineering application

  • Terramac

    Biomass-based fabric made from plants that decomposes back to soil. Its biodegrability enables the products to be used in unique applications.